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In This FREE Guide, Agnes Will Show You How To...

Reach Out

When you have been through a traumatic experience, it can take a while to get over the hurt and the pain, and you want to withdraw from the world but should you?
Accept Your Feelings
Repressing your feelings may be helpful in a specific situation but can be detrimental for everyday life. Learn what it means to practice accepting your feelings that leads to better emotional health.
Move Into A Daily Routine
Self-Care and returning to a day-to-day schedule will allow you to recover quicker and give yourself a chance back to normalcy. 
Forgive Your Offenders
Forgiveness is not about justifying your offenders' wrongdoing or their behavior, nor is about reconciliation. But if you do not forgive, you might be the one who pays for it the most, dearly!
Give Back
There are many reasons people volunteer, beyond the simple goodness of their heart. As well, there are many benefits to giving back.
Agnes Hobmaier is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Career & Vocation Coach, Licensed Trauma Professional, a Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, and a Licensed ORDM.

She has also obtained training in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Best Practices, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Boundaries for Youth Organizations, Domestic Violence 101, Peer Support Training, Signs of Sex Trafficking and Trauma Informed Care.

Because Agnes has come from a place of extreme deep pain and wounds, along with depression, hopelessness, and loss of self, and everything that goes with trauma and abuse, she understands the journey.

She is on a mission to help women improve their quality of life, raise their level of self-confidence, and help restore their self-esteem so that they can experience a life of joy, peace, and wholeness.  
How will I ever get through this? Where do I begin to heal and move forward? Will my life ever be happy and whole again? These questions plagued the minds of many trauma victims. Agnes is the living proof that anyone can overcome  trauma and have their lives turned around. She has been married for 34 years and has raised 4 beautiful children. 

The mission to overcome trauma is not impossible - but it will take willingness and determination on your part. Along with mentorship, support, guidance, and a vision-oriented game plan to move quickly and easily towards your goals, Agnes will show you how to move from trauma to triumph and to create a purpose-driven life that you have always dreamed of. Renew You & Love Your Life!

Agnes believes that no one story defines you. She strongly believes that no matter what life throws at you, you can rise above it all! 


What Others Are Saying....

Though Agnes has suffered painful childhood sexual abuse, these ugly memories no longer torment her, and she is the living proof that they can be erased.

Agnes will help bring understanding of true healing and restoration to a whole new level.

~ Laura Dueck

Agnes has a strong desire to see people free. She genuinely cares about their well being. She is very approachable, highly competent and has a heart of compassion.

~ Brenda Robinson

Agnes had amazingly extracted all the relevant information and helped put together my "Vision Statement" which will be one of my most prized possessions.

I believe that everyone should have someone in their life who can help them to navigate through life's ups and downs and start the path of discovering their purpose and fulfillment.

~ Reid Tetz

You are a great role model and the best mentor anyone could have. You observe, guide, motivate, and support me in every way. I am so blessed to have you.

~ Bina Thapa

Agnes is an extraordinary lady who can accomplish extraordinary tasks. She has a great personality and a positive attitude that can influence, enrich, and impact others. Her ability to successfully overcome challenging life experiences makes her an inspiration to many. 

~ Mila Averio
Agnes is a successful woman who empowers people to follow their dreams. That is what her mentorship has done for me. I am grateful to know her. 

~ Tanya Mark

I am privileged to have a supportive and encouraging mentor and one who leads by example. She gives practical and realistic advice, always showing the way with optimism and hope. Thank you for your mentorship.

~ Charles Sim

Agnes' passion to help women overcome their suffering and traumatic experiences is inspiring. She is a strong and transparent woman. Her life is a testimonial of wholeness to a damaged life. 

~ Joane Fougere

I want to express my very deep gratitude to Agnes who has brought to life my vision for my life and my purpose. She has given me an extraordinary view of what my heart holds. She has blessed my life substantially by giving me this new insight. I strongly recommend Agnes.

~ Warren Setterlund

Agnes always holds herself confidently. She is reliable and professional. She has a kind, generous, and loving spirit and lives were positively affected by her.

~ Stacy Hayworth

Your enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication show. Your constructive feedback is highly effective. Thank you for always being available. I am thankful to have you as my mentor.

~ Jinder Khuber

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